Kitchen and laundry tapware to enhance your space


Australian homes come in all shapes and styles and Häfele has a designer inspired range of kitchen and laundry tapware so you can find the perfect tap for your home.

Kitchen and laundry taps are of course first and foremost a functional necessity but their shape, size and colour are an opportunity create an aesthetically pleasing space too.

Taps and sinks are available in a range of colours, and it is common practice to match to colours of your tapware with other metal finishes such as cabinetry handles to create a consistent flow that visually enhances your space.  Designers are also mixing metal finishes within a space to utilize layers of materials and finishes to achieve an overall style.

Kitchen and laundry taps are an everyday fixture and its surprising to consider how many times a day we use our kitchen or laundry taps.  Quality and durability are important considerations to ensure that your tapware continues to function for many years to come.

Kitchen and laundry tapware to enhance your space

With so many options how do you choose the best kitchen tap for your home?

We asked Häfele showroom consultant and interior designer, Renee to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about what to consider when choosing a kitchen tap or laundry tap.

Is an expensive tap worth the money?

Taps are often one of the last items selected for a kitchen but it’s important to not cut costs here.  Cheap and cheerful is not always the best option as it is important to balance the value of everyday, reliable functionality against the initial cost.  Enjoying a high-quality tap with the aesthetics and functions you need will remain long after the price is forgotten.

Designer taps are generally well designed with good functionality, but often come with an expensive price tag.  Make sure the tap you choose comes with a warranty as this demonstrates the manufacturers confidence in the product and is Australian watermarked to ensure it complies with Australian standards.

Kitchen and laundry tapware to enhance your space

Do I need all those functions?

Showrooms offer a dazzling variety of taps in gorgeous shapes and colours and it can be tempting to choose a tap based on what looks good, but with taps it’s important to prioritise functionality over form, especially for your initial selections.

Think about how you use your kitchen – What do you like to cook?  How do you cook? How do you prefer to clean-up? Don’t forget the laundry – How do you use your sink? Do you soak delicates or need to tackle muddy footy boots? All these questions help to understand what functions you may need from your tap.

A tap with a detachable nozzle or pull-out sprayer is perfect for spraying dishes or vegetables, rinsing delicate crockery or cleaning the sink itself. But if you have a smaller sink this might create more of a mess than cleaning it up.

Don’t forget about ergonomics! A mixer tap with a lever-style handle is a great convenience when you have your hands full or trying to get the right water temperature but it’s also a user-friendly option for children and for those with accessibility needs.

Kitchen and laundry tapware to enhance your space

Which colour tap is best?

Lots of designers recommend choosing a colour that references other finishes in your kitchen or laundry but that doesn’t mean the tap finish must match exactly.  Creating a cohesive space with finishes that work harmoniously is a subtle way to tie everything together. Remember not all finishes are created equal, what may look great in the showroom may not stand-up to everyday use.  Look for tapware that emphasises the coating and finish to be assured of their quality and durability.

Kitchen and laundry tapware to enhance your space

I can’t decide on a shape that suits my style?

A kitchen tap or laundry tap is often the first item that draws our attention in a space and its shape is important from both a stylistic view point and for functionality. If you hand wash dishes, large trays or pots and pans a high C-shape with a swivel spout will be the most practical for your needs.  If you have a scullery or butler’s pantry that can accommodate these tasks, then you can choose a tap with a lower profile for the kitchen.

Once you have considered the functional needs of the tap it will be easier to select the right shape for you.  There are no hard and fast rules about taps shapes matching particular interior design styles, look for shapes the have similar details to your overall space to create a cohesive design.

Kitchen and laundry tapware to enhance your space

Why Häfele?

For nearly 100 years, Häfele has been providing practical and innovative hardware solutions for kitchens, laundries, wardrobes, bathrooms, home offices and living spaces, ensuring your dream project comes to life!

We are passionately customer focused and our superior range of products ensures we can provide you with the quality and range you have come to expect from a global company.

Kitchen and laundry tapware to enhance your space

Ready to start planning your kitchen or laundry design?

Visit one of our eight Australian showrooms to learn more about the German quality range of Häfele sinks and taps and get expert advice from our consultants who can help you select the best tap for your kitchen and laundry.

You can also book a complimentary 1:1 consultation with our showroom team at a time that’s right for you.  Click here to book today:

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