Stylish sinks for Australian homes


Kitchen sinks have become a focal point for kitchen designs and selecting the right one is a combination of factors that include a sink that compliments your design, fits your budget and most importantly provides the optimal functionality for your home

Jason, Häfele’s Sink and Tap Category Manager has a few expert tips on how to select the right sink for your home.


Stainless Steel is a popular option and no wonder! They are affordable, durable, easy to clean and the non-porous surface is easy to sterilise — removing harmful germs and bacteria.
The composition of stainless steel is important and good indicator of quality – look for the ideal ratio of 18% chrome and 10% nickel, often referred to as 18/10 grade or ‘304 stainless steel’.

stylish kitchen with sink and countertop

Brushed metal or textured metal sinks need to be manufactured from high quality materials to avoid issues of scratching or colour wear. ‘PVD’ finish is a premium coating technique and is three-times harder than standard stainless-steel finishes and achieves six times greater adhesion than ordinary electro-plated surface technology.

PVD coating shows fewer fingerprints and can be easier to clean and maintain than standard stainless steel.

Kitchen design

Composite quartz kitchen sinks are made from 80% granite or quartz with 20% acrylic resin and are heat, scratch and stain resistant making them incredibly hardwearing. This material is also non-porous which is perfect if you’re looking for an odour free, hygienic option.

A great benefit of these sinks is the are available in matte black or matte white, and these modern sinks fit seamlessly into contemporary kitchens.

Kitchen countertop with black sink and stools

Drop-in or under-mount?

Drop-in sinks rest on the benchtop and have a visible lip. These are a great option if you’re looking to makeover your kitchen or laundry on a budget. Alternatively, and under-mount sink attached beneath the counter and creates a seamless integration with your benchtop.

These are also super easy to keep clean as there is no lip for dirt and grime to build-up. Whichever mounting option you choose, there are a range of models to suit every style.

Matte Black sink with white counter kitchen


Consider the needs of your home. A single bowl sink is perfect for a couple but would not be suitable for a family of 5. Double bowl sinks can handle almost any size pot or pan and are great for families that like to cook. Sinks with an integrated draining board are a good idea if you have delicate glassware or special items you prefer to handwash.

And we’ve never met someone who complained their sink was “too big”, so if you have the space and budget consider a double bowel sink, you can thank-us later!

White sink

Cleaning and maintenance:

Different materials require different types of care and maintenance. A busy family home that uses lots of pots and pans might require a sink that is durable and easy to clean like stainless steel. A new high spec kitchen may prioritise a feature sink that is stylish but may require a little more care such a quartz composite.

Green kitchen cabinets with pendant lighting

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Stylish sinks for Australian homes

Stylish sinks for Australian homes

Kitchen sinks have become a focal point for kitchen designs and selecting the right one is a combination of factors that include a sink that compliments your design, fits your budget and most importantly provides the optimal functionality for your home
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