Go beyond the surface with HI-MACS
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The application of a HI-MACS surface in this gorgeous open-plan kitchen proves once again that stunning aesthetics and functionality can go hand in hand, especially with a product such as HI-MACS.

The long benchtop and island characterise the space, decked out in the incredibly durable and beautiful HI-MACS Andromeda. The sleek white of HI-MACS Andromeda offers a contemporary and sleek twist to this stylish space. HI-MACS is an innovative, long-lasting and elegant material that can be customised to suit any space and design style. It allows for seamless joins, giving every surface a smooth finish. The material’s unique character means it can be shaped to follow sharp angles or curved walls, so it can be formed to continue a bench surface into a splashback or wall panelling. Unlike other surfaces, HI-MACS does not absorb spillages that may occur on a daily basis. This means it leaves surfaces hygienically clean, perfect for use in both bathrooms and kitchens. Easy to clean and grout-free, HI-MACS will stand the test of time, while keeping a space fresh and immaculate at all times. HI-MACS is available nationally through kitchen showrooms and can be accessed easily for your upcoming renovation.
Designer Driva Designs
Built by Kitchen Gallery

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HI-MACS or Gunnersen

Originally in Kitchen Yearbook 23

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