Transformed Space: A wonderful white kitchen update

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Transformed Space: A wonderful white kitchen update
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As an example of how not to design a kitchen, the old space could have taken first prize.

Kory Dubay

Cramped and U-shaped, it was almost impossible for more than one person to work in the room, while the refrigerator was located in an alcove on the other side of the kitchen, making access difficult.

Designer Markus Sawatzki from Let’s Talk Kitchens knew that his clients wanted an island bench most of all, so he used all his ingenuity to make it happen. “The new kitchen was designed around the existing perimeter walls,” he explains. “This allowed for the inclusion of a freestanding island bench, which has really opened up the space”.

This reconfiguration now means that access to, from and within the kitchen is much easier and the room can now accommodate the family working together. The refrigerator is now much more realistically positioned within the kitchen with the old alcove transformed into pantry storage.

To maintain consistency with the design of the rest of the home, much time and effort were put into repairing and reinstating the ornate cornices as well as patching and replacing the parquetry flooring. With the bright white of the Kory Dubay cabinets and the gleaming Corian benchtops, the kitchen simply shines.

“We wanted the space to be very light, so the gloss white cabinets were a natural choice,” says Markus. “We also chose the Corian benchtop with a faint vein running through it for a more natural look.” Now open and accessible, it’s easy to see why this new kitchen has become a family favourite.

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