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What do the Barrington Eclipse, Sola and Brave handles from Momo have in common?

Two things. First, all three are curved and contemporary. Second, the trio of stylish handles are available as part of the Momo Handles collection exclusively distributed by Furnware Group.

Very much on-trend, the curvy aesthetic shows no sign of waning and these Momo fittings are a great way to introduce curves into your home without having to make a big investment or buy expensive pieces of furniture that could be deemed “daggy” if and when trends change.

The rounded silhouette of the handles makes them ideal for modern interior settings. A range of sizes and finishes is available, allowing them to appear as bold or as streamlined as you wish.
Barrington Eclipse is a simple but stunning half-moon-shaped handle. When positioned as a pair, they form full circles and immediate impact. Sola is the new kid on the Momo block.

Available in four sizes and four finishes, the half-moon lip-pull design would look stunning affixed to contemporary cabinetry. Finally, Brave is a simple and stylish handle with a subtle curve that provides elegant drama to any setting. Featuring the most up-to-date designs in the cabinet handle realm, Momo handles go the distance.

The Brave model comes in lengths up to 1150mm long, while Sola is available in sizes up to an impressive 240mm wide.

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