Expert Advice: Kim Duffin, Designer (Sublime Interiors)

Expert Advice: Kim Duffin, Designer (Sublime Interiors)


From functional kitchens to blissful bathrooms, Queensland-based designer Kim Duffin creates picturesque spaces that are both inspiring and inviting

Having recently celebrated a decade of beautifying homes, Kim Duffin of Sublime Architectural Interiors continues to pour all his passion into every project, giving each client the care and attention they deserve. “Seeing the effect a new kitchen, bathroom or living space can have in changing people’s lives or their family dynamic is the best thing about my job,” he says. “Seeing the end product being enjoyed and used to its full capacity by my clients is the end goal.”

After honing his skills for more than 10 years, Kim decided to push himself one step further, later becoming a certified kitchen and bathroom designer. “I needed to be able to offer the full service to my clients, and understanding the design and manufacturing components is important,” he says. “I became a certified kitchen and bathroom designer in 2002.”

Boasting a unique aesthetic, Kim has a talent for mixing classic looks with modern finishes. Eschewing trends, the designer prefers to create spaces that are tailored to his clients and tell individual stories along the way. “When it comes to designing, I believe form follows function,” he says. “I always look to improve the functionality of a space and its relationship to other spaces first before focusing on the finishes and fixtures.”

Citing European influences as key to his work, Kim travels regularly to seek inspiration. “I travel to Europe every two years to see what new fixtures, fittings, materials and appliances are being developed and brought to market by the manufactures,” he says. “I then try to incorporate as many of these new items into designs as soon as I return. I enjoy being the first one to try, use or develop a product.”

With a knack for creating luxurious spaces that never go out of style, Kim reveals that there are many special projects in the works. “I am currently working on the transformation of a penthouse in Brisbane’s CBD,” he says. “It is a full refurbishment being completed in two sections.”

And for Kim, this is what gives him the most satisfaction. “Being able to work on a whole home is amazing as you can create flow and uniformity without trying to merge old and new.”

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