Rendrd by Kitchen Culture: Explore Design Kits and Colour Packs in Seven Styles


Choose Your Style; whether you lean towards contemporary, classic or the laid-back vibes of resort, Rendrd offers Design Kits and Colour Packs in seven styles.

Save Time with Ready-to-Use Design Kits: Kitchen Culture’s expertly crafted layouts, stunning renders, and complimentary colour palettes are meticulously designed to save countless hours. They’ve done the homework for you, get high-quality design without the stress. Design kits and colour packs are available in seven styles by Kitchen Culture.

Effortless Customisation: All layouts are designed for easy customisation. Whether you prefer to tweak them with our service option or take them to your preferred cabinet maker, they’ve made customisation a breeze.

Colour Selections: Transform your space with confidence! If you’re seeking expert guidance on colours to enhance your space, download one of their colour packs to make your journey a breeze.

Their ready to use design kits and colour packs save countless hours, without compromising on quality – Design kits and colour packs in seven styles by Kitchen Culture.

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