Expert Advice: Kym Cheatham, Designer (All Star Kitchens)

Expert Advice: Kym Cheatham, Designer (All Star Kitchens)


Though somewhat new to the industry, Kym Cheatham of All Star Kitchens is no stranger to design and creativity

With prior experience in graphic and web design, knowledge of fine arts and the history of art and architecture, it’s no wonder Kym Cheatham’s designs for All Star Kitchens’ clients are creative and aesthetically pleasing. Kym has a highly developed eye for design and colour that she has applied to her work as a kitchen and bathroom designer over the last three years. After renovating eight homes, Kym has developed a keen appreciation and working knowledge of how to add value to residential real estate through thoughtful, well-designed renovations.

Relevance is incredibly important in this industry and Kym makes an e ort to stay across new products and trends all the time. “I like to push the boundaries
and challenge the trades to learn and do new things or install new products,” she says. “I will research thoroughly and then sit with my cabinetmaker to work out how we can build or incorporate something innovative or different into a design that will help a client achieve the best outcome. No two of our jobs look the same; everyone is different and we work hard to deliver to the clients the space that is uniquely designed for them.”

Kym attributes her inspiration to begin her career in kitchen design to many things, including “a passion for real estate and home design, numerous personal renovation projects, the desire for a creatively fulfilling work, a love of cooking and the thrill of creating a beautiful bespoke space that meets all the client’s needs”. She takes pride in her ability to understand her clients’ needs, wants and personal style and to then make suggestions to ensure form and function as well as an aesthetically pleasing space. “It’s really about looking at how the clients are currently living in their kitchens and what storage or layout dilemmas they are facing and then challenging them to consider something they hadn’t that would solve those issues,” she says.

Kym is excited for the upcoming year and the trends it will bring to kitchen design. When asked for her predictions, she replies: “Definitely the rise of textured, natural-feeling surfaces will continue, with timber and timber-look products joined by more rugged finishes on benchtops.”

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