Kitcheners® Kitchens Kitchen Guide


A Kitchen renovation can be a particularly daunting prospect. Kitcheners® Kitchens Essential Kitchen Ideas e-book shows you how to avoid being burnt by your new kitchen

Australia’s love of property extends to a love of renovations, particularly in kitchens. However this love affair can often turn nasty when so-called specialists offer substandard service and product; suddenly faced with blown out budgets, shoddy workmanship and chronically late delivery on their purchases.

“I’ve met people who were without their kitchen for 6 months as the old one was removed too early, while key components of the new kitchen were delayed” says Michael Kitchener of Kitcheners® Kitchens. Living without a kitchen for even a matter of days is a nightmare, which has compelled him draw on his vast knowledge base and publish Australia’s first Essential Kitchen Ideas e-book to protect you from getting burnt when buying a new kitchen.

The book covers all the bare essentials and critical facts including:

  • Utilising any sized space ensuring it’s designed to its fullest potential. Hence a kitchen that is right for you, not one that simply imitates what was in the glossy magazine.
  • Considering the widest range of components and finishes so you do not have any regrets when it’s too late.
  • Knowing when designers are cutting corners, again before it’s too late. Quality fixtures, fittings and workmanship should insure against it.
  • Understanding timelines so that design to delivery doesn’t feel like an eternity.
  • Safety tips to ensure that the finished kitchen is not a disaster trap waiting to happen.
  • Installation tips as shoddy installers and poor measurement can have disastrous consequences.
  • Budget and payments issues so that bills don’t come in twice as high, nor are you left high and dry after making a deposit.

These are just some of the critical issues that the book addresses. It even offers priceless tips like how to assess a company before you proceed with them.

To download a copy of the free kitchen e-book visit the Kitcheners® Kitchens page and follow the links to their website.