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AGA is a clear winner


It’s a fact: food cooked in an AGA simply tastes better.

Yes, the stylish AGA that’s long been a fixture in traditional kitchens worldwide has been pitted against conventional ovens to see which performed better — and the winner was very clear.

Researchers at Lincoln University’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing spent 18 months comparing conventional ovens with the AGA range cooker. In this study, they used a blind panel of testers who not only focused on the final product’s taste, but also the look, smell and consistency of the bake.

Visually, the AGA was a clear winner. Thanks to its cast-iron interior, the AGA is able to provide even browning on cakes that some conventional ovens struggle to achieve. Cut into that cake and the consistency in an AGA-baked product was far superior. This is largely due to the steady temperature an AGA is able to maintain. Cast-iron ovens reach the optimal temperature for their intended function — and they maintain that heat.

Even when you open and close the door to check on your bake, minimal heat is lost. This is very different to a conventional oven, where each tiny door opening can result in a very big heat change. Yet the AGA wins didn’t stop there. The study proved that food cooked in an AGA range cooker simply smelt better, too, thanks to the cast-iron surrounds that prevent lingering scents from prior dishes.

Whether your dish is savoury or sweet, the AGA range cooker is a very clear winner.


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