Relax and refresh: a revolutionary cleaning appliance
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High-quality textiles such as suits and evening gowns require special care to preserve them

While this used to be a job for a professional cleaner, you can now do this yourself in the comfort of your own home in one step and at the touch of a button — the REFRESH-BUTLER, the luxury fabric care system from V-ZUG has arrived

Whether its a silk dress after the gala dinner, your exercise shoes after an unexpected rain shower or your suit after a business trip – the REFRESH-BUTLER from V-ZUG is the ultimate appliance for cleaning delicate fabrics gently and effectively. The secret to the abilities of the appliance lies in its ability to combine three cleaning functions in one appliance. The refresh function neutralises odours, such as from a lavish dinner or from cigarette smoke. The hygiene function eliminates bacteria and germs from fabrics. Finally, the drying function uses a heat pump to dry fabrics, such as coats and shoes, that have got wet in the rain, in a gentle and energy-saving manner.

For a simple refresh, your clothes can be gently cleaned with the main refresh programme, followed by the crease guard programme and, in addition, the extra drying and hygiene programmes. Depending on the programme selected, the machine applies refreshing steam, the sustainable photocatalysis function or the energy-saving heat pump.

The secret behind the premium appliance lies in the combination of photocatalysis and steam in a closed air circuit. An active photocatalytic coating, when combined with light and steam, ensures fabrics are refreshed and cared for in a gentle way. The integrated heat pump guarantees energy-saving operation.

Renowned testing institutes in Germany and Switzerland have checked the effectiveness of the functions and the results were positive. You can integrate REFRESH-BUTLER into an existing cupboard system or leave it freestanding.

The REFRESH-BUTLER is available exclusively at V-ZUG.

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