4 baths to help you recreate day spa ambience at home


Why pay to spend the day at a commercial day spa, when you could instead invest in your wellbeing and enjoy all the benefits a spa provides in the comfort of your own home?

An Australian-owned company with more than 27 years of manufacturing experience, Decina has an extensive range of beautifully designed, high-quality baths to suit bathrooms of any size and design. Made to Australian standards from premium sanitary-grade acrylic to provide a high-gloss white finish that is resistant to scratches and harsh chemical cleaners, Decina baths come with a long warranty of up to 15 years.

With advances in design and technology, spa baths, which are Decina’s specialty, are increasing in popularity. Easier to maintain and more comfortable to bathe in due to streamlined controls, the Decina range also offers between 10 and 24 jets. Spa baths are the ideal luxurious addition to the master bathroom or ensuite to create a true sanctuary within the home. To complete the decadent feel of your spa bath, Decina also offers a range of tapware, including waterfall bath outlets, which bring the sound of cascading water into your bathroom, blurring the lines between indoors and out to create a soothing, relaxing ambience. A few of the company’s most popular products include:

1. Mood Bath Scene: The water in this bath can change colour to create your desired ambience.

2. Novara Spa Bath: A gorgeous rectangular spa bath that is a great, affordable option for family bathrooms.

3. The Venice Spa Bath: A large bath big enough for dual bathing. Ideal for a luxury master bathroom to create the ambience of a day spa in the comfort of your own home.

4. Oblio Waterfall Bath Spout: These waterfall bath outlets bring the sound of cascading water into your bathroom, creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

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The magic of matt-white from Decina

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