Lift Easy: Titus Tekform's Aero overhead system

Lift Easy: Titus Tekform’s Aero overhead system


With storage space always in demand and innovation at an all-time high in kitchen design, Titus Tekform offers a range of Aero lifters — a new world of openings

The Aero overhead lifters application provides a linear and high-end visual appeal to furniture, while maintaining natural and impressive door movement. You can install self-lifting, self-holding and soft close, all with a linear design aimed at providing maximum space. The complete range of solutions guarantees full accessibility to the cabinet interior and is compatible with low- or high-ceilinged rooms and cabinet fronts that tilt out and lift upwards.

Aero lifter systems are the affordable up-to-date solutions to create a linear look and to enhance the impact of the whole cabinet. They provide immediate access in one movement to the full space of wall-hanging cabinets and their contents, with a slim housing and non-invasive look.

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