What’s Cooking In Your Outdoor Kitchen?


Want to impress guests? You can with a new outdoor kitchen or state-of-the-art barbecue

If you like to cook and entertain outside, an outdoor kitchen for barbecues will be at the top of your wish list. You might go a step further and set up an “all the bells and whistles” outdoor kitchen. After all, with everything at your fingertips, there’ll be no more dashing inside the house for this or that, ensuring more time spent relaxing with family or chatting with friends.

“Outdoor kitchens and well-equipped barbecue areas can be found in backyards all around Australia as people move out of their interior kitchens and into their gardens to entertain,” says Ben Farley of Bar-Be School. And what is the focal point of these outdoor kitchens? That’s right, the not-so-humble barbecue. Today, says Ben, families want barbecues that have the “wow factor”.

Outdoor Kitchen for barbecues

If you want to have a barbecue that looks good and will cook your favourite fare, you need to know what’s on offer. So what’s hot in barbecues, you ask?

According to John McGran from Lifestyle BBQs, the outdoor kitchen-style barbecue continues to grow in popularity. These are sophisticated barbecue units, sometimes available in modular configurations that might include cabinets, a benchtop, a sink or a fridge.

In terms of materials, John believes stainless-steel cabinetry teamed with benchtops made of natural stone, such as granite, will remain in vogue. “These materials represent quality and durability, and they look great together,” he says.


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