Luxurious handles to bring your kitchen into the roaring '20s

Luxurious handles to bring your kitchen into the roaring ’20s


Greet the roaring ‘20s with these luxurious handles that offer a new look for your kitchen cabinetry

Castella Architectural Hardware brings together high-end, unique designs with a range of trending finishes for an array of truly luxurious handles.

If you’re dreaming of a breezy Hamptons haven or mixing things up with a Shaker-style space, why not consider the Decade handle range? One of the best ways to add a bit of shine to some sleek cabinetry, this luxurious collection is all about bringing a timeless look to a contemporary kitchen.

Alternatively, consider the long-beloved classic rail handles from the Stirling range. Perfect for modern cabinetry, rail handles have long been a crowd pleaser with their easy-to-use shape and eternally chic look. With finish options of satin brass or matt black, you know it’s a winner!

Both the Decade and Stirling handle ranges are made from solid brass to guarantee longevity in the heavy wear and tear of a kitchen, and come with a lifetime warranty on the finish so the good times will keep on rolling.

This Australian-owned and -operated company offers overnight delivery so you can create a gorgeous new look in your kitchen over one weekend at a pretty reasonable price tag. Why not bring a bit of opulence to your home?

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