The Rule of Three


There’s a rule of three in writing that suggests three of anything is a superior choice.

Think three acts in a play; Harry, Hermione and Ron; or even the three little pigs. This concept can apply to design too, and it certainly has in this room from The Kitchen Mob. Here, the rule of three well and truly has delivered exceptional results.

Take the three key materials present in this space. Woodgrain cabinetry gives the room a natural warmth, with the Carrara marble on the benchtop adding a luxe contemporary feel. This trio is then completed with gleaming steel accents, from the tapware to the stool legs to the handles on the ovens.

The modern aesthetic is further emphasised thanks to the sleek, matching appliances, with flat-panel handles and a flush-mount stovetop for a seamless feel.

But the rule of three doesn’t stop there. This kitchen embraces a triangular design principle, keeping all main elements in reach of each other so the user can create a meal with everything they need easily within their grasp.

Natural light filters into the room thanks to the window splashback, making it an inviting space to work, with the dramatic pendant lights and LEDs offering illumination when the sun begins to set.

Designer The Kitchen Mob
Photographer Jaydon Cabe