Statuario Maximus – New 2016 Design


Have all the advantages of the marble-inspired look, without the disadvantages of marble

Marble benchtops are incredibly beautiful, but they come with definite disadvantages in the practicality stakes…

Enter Caesarstone’s Statuario Maximus™, the latest marble-inspired design to join the company’s Supernatural designs. Bold and beautiful, Statuario Maximus features broad, warm grey veins sweeping across a soft white base colour, which is further enriched by delicate background veins.

The overall result combines the look of natural marble, with the durability of Caesarstone® surfaces — a beautiful, natural colour palette, a feeling of absolute luxury and a predictability and ease of use that’s easy to incorporate into any kitchen design. Statuario Maximus will suit a whole host of design styles and textures from classic whites and warm neutrals through to natural wood and industrial-look concrete.

The Supernatural designs are a hit with consumers both in Australia and overseas. Caesarstone surfaces are scratch, chip and heat resistant, offering numerous applications for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial and furniture pieces — and in this beautiful new shade, it’s sure to make a rich statement in any room of the house.

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 23, No. 2

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