Six of the most handy kitchen utensils

Six of the handiest kitchen utensils


Change the game with these useful kitchen utensils you didn’t know you needed.


Salad Spinner OxoA simple way to dry off lettuce, spinach or even herbs, salad spinners are an essential for any kitchen. Washing salad greens is important to ensure there
are no nasties that have snuck in between the leaves. With the quick spinning function of this salad spinner, you can ensure your salad is clean, crisp and fresh. OXO Good Grips salad spinner,



Garlic Press Kitchen Fanatic
Ergonomically designed, these sturdy utensils mince garlic effortlessly. With a squeeze of the utensil you’ll force the garlic through the small holes, straight into your waiting frying pan or salad bowl. Smelly garlic hands will be a thing of the past with this practical product. Kitchen Fanatic garlic press,


3. COLLAPSIBLE MEASURING CUPSCollapsible Measuring Cups

Convenient and highly portable, collapsible measuring cups can be stored almost anywhere. Collapsing into a slim convenient size, this product is ideal for apartments, kitchens that are tight on space, or for avid travellers who like to cook on the go. BJ Enterprises and Marketing collapsible silicone measuring cups,



Universal Strainer Attachment
Clipping onto the side of a pot or pan, a universal strainer is the perfect device to drain liquids from solids. The mess-free, flexible design allows this strainer to separate your food without the risk of dropping your freshly cooked pasta or vegetables into the sink. Smaller than a conventional strainer, the universal strainer attachment is great for those with limited kitchen space. Kogan universal strainer attachment,



Yolkfish Egg Yolk Fish Separator
Make cooking the Saturday breakfast a breeze with an egg yolk separator, a compact and useful kitchen utensil that will help you seamlessly separate the egg components. This ingenious device also lets you skip the hassle of fishing out pieces of egg shell from your mixings bowls. While these separators come in a variety of different styles, our personal favourite is the easy-to-clean and -use cute YolkFish, which is made from food-safe silicone. Yellow Octopus YolkFish,



Herb Mill
The herb version of a salt and pepper shaker, the herb mill offers the same ease of use and minced result as its original counterparts. Herbs are smoothly shredded to create flavoursome and fresh salad dressings, sauces and more. Herb mills give you the freedom to have the freshest herbs minced straight onto your food. Williams Sonoma microplane herb mill,


Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25 Issue 2