Sleek modern kitchen


This sleek modern kitchen design incorporates white, silver and beautiful timber flooring

“The design is very seamless and contemporary but we steered away from an all-white look. Instead, the mix of grey cabinets and timber-look floor tiles adds warmth to the colour scheme and creates a sleek modern kitchen.

The grey top cabinets, together with the increased height of the recessed kickboards, help create the illusion that the bottom white cabinets are floating. Besides providing much-needed natural light, the window makes a feature of the splashback area and also helps break up the wall so it doesn’t look too bulky.

The ceiling was quite low so we installed full-height cabinets with no cornice either side of the fridge to create the impression of more height. The doors to the left of the fridge provide a discreet entry to the laundry, storage area and garage downstairs – a doorway there would have broken up the continuous look of that wall.”

Designer: Carla Waghorn for Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms

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 Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly Volume 20 Issue 4

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