Trend alert: Black in the kitchen

Trend alert: Black in the kitchen
Trend alert: Black in the kitchen
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Add a little black magic to your kitchen with our selection of noir accessories.


1. Although it carries all the visual appeal of a traditional AGA, the EC4i in black is, in fact, a contemporary electric oven.



2. Iconic Smeg designs are popping up everywhere. This FAB 32 refrigerator section holds a 205L capacity and the freezer a 103L capacity.



3. Not for the faint-hearted, the black Voodoo knife block from Vice Versa is an inventive and slightly scary place to store your knives.



4. Dioon black from Custom Lighting is painted metal with black Swarovski crystals, creating a modern masterpiece from a traditional design.



5. The Flinders pitcher in charcoal is an elegant, smooth design.



6. The new ASKO HI1832 induction cooktop produces optimum instant heat in very little time and also offers additional bench space when not in use.



7. Always a favourite in the kitchen, the Artisan stand mixer by KitchenAid comes in a seductively dark caviar colour.



8. Designed by Marc Newson for Smeg, the P755AN gas cooktop comes with five burners, black enamel under glass, and a choice of silver or brass control stands.



9. Constructed from elegant black rubberwood with a stainless-steel trim, the Savannah mill grinder is unique and sleek.



10. These stone bowls in charcoal from This… Design & Living resonate with the organic nature of their design.



11. Serving up to eight people, the George Foreman 6L Slow Cooker with 6L capacity features cool-touch handles and a ceramic bowl.



12. The ergonomic freestanding Sputnik stool by Zilio Aldo and C, designed by Roger Arquer, allows the sitter to rest their feet at different heights.

By Alexandra Longstaff
From Luxury Home Designs magazine Vol. 15 No. 6

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