Kitchen utensils Toothpig

6 kitchen utensils and accesories the kids will love


There’s no time like the present to start training your Junior Masterchefs

Meal-prepping is a great way to get the kids involved with day-to-day chores while spending some quality time with them… but its’ unlikely you’ll be met with much enthusiasm when you request their company in the kitchen, if there’s nothing exciting in it for them.

Enter Animi Causa’s range of utensils and accessories – not only are they impossibly cute and toy-like, they’re also highly functional. Extend the kiddies’ after-school playtime right through to pre-dinner meal-prep time, with these adorable kitchen utensils and accessories:

1. Papa Nessie pasta spoon

Kitchen utensils - Papa Nessie

2. Agatha spoon holder and steam releaser

Kitchen utensils Agatha

3. Eggondola egg poacher

Kitchen utensils Eggondola

4. Grizzly hot pot trivet

Kitchen Utensils Grizzly

5. Makicups measuring cups 

Kitchen Utensils Makicups

6. Toothpig toothpick dispenser

Kitchen utensils Toothpig

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