Past to Present


Established in 1986, and with thousands of its iconic homes dotted around Australia, Harkaway Homes is an eminent family-owned business that facilitates the cost-effective construction of high quality, individualised traditional homes.

Andy O’Shea, the founder of Harkaway Homes, a company named after its birthplace (the south-east Melbourne suburb of Harkaway), had a deep appreciation of fine Australiana homes and a detailed knowledge of the profiles and designs employed in their creation. He drew on this to develop a methodology for reproducing the character-filled homes of the Victorian and early Federation eras. 

“It soon became very clear that our concept had struck a chord and that there were many people looking for a home with character, charm and a high level of architectural detail; people who wanted something genuinely different in what is a very mundane world of housing,” explains Tim Tobin, Harkaway Homes’ Managing Director.

Harkaway Homes is proud of its period architectural designs and its reputation as a reliable, high-quality major component supplier. As an architectural design company, Harkaway offers total floor plan flexibility at no extra cost; in fact, consultants encourage clients to personalise their Harkaway home to suit their lifestyle needs, whether their preference is a traditional floor plan or a layout conducive to modern-day open-plan living.

“As a major component supplier, we offer individualised component packages perfectly matched to each home design. This involves two stages,” says Tim. “The first is the lock-up stage (the outer shell of the house) and includes the supply of an extensive range of select materials and components that will effectively ‘lock up’ the home. The second stage includes the verandahs that can be positioned wherever required — or whenever required, as they can be supplied as a late-stage attachment to the home.”

Harkaway’s homes are known for their design integrity and perfect profiles, but they bring a host of major benefits that go beyond their timeless architectural appeal. These include:

  • Choice of building options: Clients have the option to project manage using sub-contracted labour or engage a licensed builder.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Harkaway offers architect quality at around half the “architect built” price. Commonsense, rectangle-based olde worlde designs assure cost-effective construction and predictable outcomes.
  • Design variety: With nine ranges on offer, you can find a Harkaway home that will sit proudly on any inner-urban block in an established suburb or any country property.
  • Superior building technology: Harkaway Homes offers products of the highest quality, both in terms of design and building technology. The use of modern materials, as well as in-house designers and engineers, ensures the highest quality architecture and finishes. 
  • Internal fitout flexibility: Clients have the flexibility to create their own internal finish and the opportunity to cost-effectively source the preferred fix-out materials directly from suppliers. 

“With our proven track record, enviable reputation and keen understanding of what is required to reproduce quality, period homes, we are perfectly placed to help you build an iconic Australian home of your own,” says Tim.

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