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Building or renovating can be an overwhelming and strenuous task. It is important to ensure that comfort is key for your new or upgraded build – which means insulation should be a top priority for your home.

Insulation keeps your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, noise is reduced, and your energy bills can be slashed. It is designed to fit snugly between joists, studs and ceiling spaces, plus it’s extremely easy to install!

No insulation? Big problem..

Proper insulation is vital, without it, you expose your home to the elements. It is highly recommended when considering under floor insulation as most homes are constructed with a suspended floor and sub-floor space.

Your floorboards are the only thing between you and the outside elements, while most floorboards look warm and inviting, the reality might not be as friendly.

Without proper insulation, cool draughts will seep through your home and cool summer air will escape warming you home and requiring excess heating and cooling energy – an expensive mistake to make!

Invest now and feel good about your savings

A renovation or build is a massive investment to your home and family. The upfront cost can be daunting and often remains at the top of your mind throughout the process.

However, the ongoing costs of your finished home once completed is a significant consideration to keep in mind. Comfort and energy are important factors when deciding to insulate. Consider early on in the build process, if it’s cost effective to add energy efficiency measures at the time of construction.

Hardware & General Building specialists recommend CSR Bradford as a solution for you.

Why choose Bradford insulation?

CSR Bradford is a best seller at Hardware & General for many reasons. You can save energy and reduce noise for your home and add value to your property, however did you know there are more benefits too?

Bradford glasswool insulation add to the fire protection of a building as they are non-combustible and all their products are proudly Australian made. This not only means you’ll be satisfied with the quality of their product, but you can also rest easy knowing that it is designed to comply with Australian Building standards set by the Building Council of Australia (BCA).

How do I know what types of insulation to install?

It’s not the thickness of insulation that matters, but the r-rating. It’s best to contact H&G Building specialists for more information on which insulation type is suited to you home.

Below is an overview of the various insulation solutions available for your home.

Thermal insulation

This insulation type is best for walls, ceilings and underfloor. It can be installed in new builds as well as existing homes undergoing renovations. Thermal insulation helps to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors all year round.

Acoustic insulation

Just like thermal benefits, acoustic insulation reduces noise between walls due to the it’s dense form which absorbs sound power and reduces noise transfer between rooms. This type of insulation is best for noisy spaces like laundries, bathrooms and home entertainment spaces as well as study spaces.

Condensation control

Condensation control is important for preventing mould and mildew which are not only damaging to the home, but also can present health risks. Condensation control insulation is often added to new builds, however CSR Bradford carry products designed for existing homes with issues cause by moisture and damp.

Fire Protection

Installing non-combustible insulation is a good choice for any home, especially those in bushfire zones, dry climates or in the proximity of bushland. The level of protection required on new builds is specified by a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment, which CSR Bradford various membranes and ventilation products comply with.


Roof sarking goes under tiles and protects your home from the elements such as rain, dust and moisture build-up. Various products are available to suit different needs as well as complying to BAL requirements.
Whether you’re building or renovating, insulation is something worth investing into for the the comfort of your home, to minimise your carbon footprint and to ensure the health and safety of your family.

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