How to create the best outdoor entertaining space for you


Australians love outdoor entertaining. We enjoy summer barbecues, alfresco dining and even warm winter meals around an outdoor fireplace.

How to create the best outdoor entertaining space for you

Is your outdoor space inviting? Is it functional? If not, let’s look at some ways on how to get the most value out of your space.

How to create the best outdoor entertaining space for you

1. Make a Plan for your outdoor entertaining space

Creating a plan for your outdoor entertaining space will avoid chaos down the track. Look at your available space and consider how to change it to best meet your needs.

What would you like to achieve?

  • Hosting families and barbecues?
  • Cooking outside?
  • Creating an area for kids to play?
  • An area to lie down and relax?
  • A dining area? A lounge area? Or both?

How much cooking do you plan on doing outdoors?

  • Do you need a full outdoor kitchen, with sink and refrigerator?
  • Do you only need a barbecue?
  • Would you like a wood-fired pizza oven?
  • Have you got ample space for a dining setting to eat outside?

Outdoor Play Areas – Do you need to cater for children or pets?

  • Does the space lend itself to an outdoor area with swings?
  • Would you like a cubby house?
  • What about kid’s furniture?
  • Does the space offer a grassed area for outdoor games?

Are you looking to create an area to entertain and relax?

  • Do you envisage an outdoor TV and sound system?
  • Hot Tub and privacy?
  • Sofa and fireplace?
  • Water feature and greenery?

There are many options that you can choose for your needs, but all this and more is achievable with a good plan.

How to create the best outdoor entertaining space for you

2. Have multi-function furniture

Outdoor Entertaining is often a year-round activity and varies with your guests and lifestyle. Stay adaptable with outdoor furniture that can change to suit your needs.

Examples include:

  • Bench seating with storage included.
  • Modular furniture which you can move to face away from the sun, or into the sun if you wish.
  • Hardy outdoor bean bags are both portable and relaxing.
  • A water-safe daybed can sit near the pool in summer, and by the fire in winter.
  • LED lanterns accessorise a space during the day and bring life to any area at night.

How to create the best outdoor entertaining space for you

3. Be seasonal

Weather often has a significant effect on outdoor entertaining. The best way to manage this is to prepare for all weather conditions.

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Heating for the winter months such as fire pits, gas heaters and bioethanol heaters.
  • Shade for summer such as umbrellas or shade sails.
  • Protection from the wind and rain like a pergola or cafe blinds.
  • Protective covers for your furniture so your furniture is always dry, clean and ready to use.

4. Blur the line between indoors and out

How to create the best outdoor entertaining space for you

The style of your outdoor entertaining area should match or complement your interior styling.

  • Make the styling match.
  • Bring interior colours to your outdoor space with accessories like cushions, throws and side tables.
  • Have a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.
  • Incorporate an outdoor rug so the space is inviting.

Add green decoration to make the space come alive:

• Plants give your space softer edges and bring it to life.
• They can attract beautiful wildlife and birds.
• Greenery adds shade and ambience to your outdoor space.
• Gives a tranquil feel

Creative use of lighting to enhance the area:

• Are you brightening up the entertaining area or highlighting garden features?
• Step lighting helps with safety and can draw the eye to different parts of the garden
• Lighting up dark corners of the garden makes guests and children feel safe to use the whole backyard.
• Would you like your lights to be solar powered, or connected to the house?
• Do you need bug zappers or tiki torches to help with summer insects?

How to create the best outdoor entertaining space for you

Once you know what you want

The best place to start is to have a plan in mind, then work out what will be most suited to your backyard. You can then make a list with ideas you like to outline what you are working towards.

Once you have a plan, drop into a Cosh Living showroom so you can get a feel for their furniture and outdoor living ideas. Speak with an expert and let them help you find what you are looking for.

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