professional lighting system

A professional lighting system for after dark


Totally transform your garden after dark with a professional lighting plan

Without the right illumination, no matter how beautiful and well-designed your garden is, it will only be appreciated during daylight hours. Generally speaking, it’s easier to plan an outdoor lighting concept before any construction work begins. This means, ideally, the lighting designer should be involved in the planning process once the initial garden layout has been drafted, but a  professional lighting system can always be retrofitted.

“Architectural and landscape lighting allows you to extend the enjoyment of your landscape into the evening hours. Since I started my landscape lighting business 21 years ago, appreciation for what outdoor lighting can do has continued to grow,” says Pekka Uusi-Hakimo, founder of Nitetime Designs.

“Nitetime Designs is a passion-driven business,” he continues. “There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day of installing lights and then, once it gets dark, you get messages from the homeowners saying the lights looks amazing and thanking us for having done such a wonderful job.

“No matter what type of home you own, we will work with you to design and install a professional lighting system that works for your lifestyle and property — and that includes gardens, pool areas and alfresco entertaining spaces. We can transform your outdoor area into a wonderland of beauty with illuminated trees, paths, plants and fountains. We can also enhance your alfresco living spaces with garden, deck and barbecue area lighting.”

The lighting scheme showcased here is a great example. “We are very happy with the lighting and installation service from Nitetime Designs,” say homeowners, Connie and Peter. “Pekka collaborated closely with us and our landscape architect to deliver the final component of a large, complex project.

“The lights Pekka used are high quality and the installation works were executed to the highest electrical standards. It was a pleasure to work with Pekka who was always very professional and easy to communicate with. The end result really is stunning and the installation has transformed the garden. We have no hesitation in recommending Nitetime Designs to anybody who wants to create a dramatic effect in their garden using low-voltage lighting solutions.”


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