Enjoy Your Alfresco Space All Year Round


When it comes to outdoor entertaining, nobody does it better than an Aussie. With our enviable climate and friendly disposition, Australians can now extend the time they spend outdoors with a Pit Fire from Real Flame South.

The Pit Fire range is ideal for those looking to imbue their outdoor area with ambiance and a touch of class. Suitable for most alfresco spaces, the range can also be integrated into architecturally landscaped surrounds.

An outdoor fire as gorgeous as this one immediately creates an atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment whether it’s a gathering with friends or just relaxing by the fire with family. Offering the choice of two different shapes and five types of media (including volcanic rock and driftwood), you can create a decorative fireplace display that truly integrates with your architecture and landscaped surroundings. Whatever shape, size or finish, these fires are sure to impress all year round.

There is something very romantic about the idea of outdoor fireplaces — they provide for late nights in the backyard or on the patio snuggled up with your significant other, roasting marshmallows over the bonfire with the kids, and opportunities for soirees hosted at your home with close friends or good neighbours.

Summer is the perfect time to have company. Everyone heads outside to lounge next to the pool, in the shade of green trees or under a patio awning. But when the weather gets cooler people tend to stay inside, which can keep you from having friends and family over as often as you like. Enjoying a nice evening outside is now a great option when you have The Pitfire by Real Flame South to keep you and your guests warm and toasty.

The Pitfire is on display in our Ignite Fireplace Studio you can find us at 36 Kareena Rd Miranda, drop into the showroom or visit the website www.realflamesouth.com.au to see full technical specifications. 

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