Concrete outdoor kitchen design

REAL BACKYARD: Concrete and timber outdoor kitchen design


Featuring exposed concrete and a custom built timber screen, this elegant outdoor kitchen design is perfect for sophisticated, yet casual at-home entertaining.

Concrete outdoor kitchen design

Concrete outdoor kitchen design - elegant backyard Concrete outdoor kitchen design

Concrete outdoor kitchen design - timber screen

Concrete outdoor kitchen design - bench

Concrete outdoor kitchen - timber screen Concrete outdoor kitchen design - pot

Elegant concrete outdoor kitchen design


When Kelsie Davies of Tim Davies Landscaping was commissioned to design this stunning outdoor room, the owners sought to create dual entertainment areas — one for family use and the other for adult enjoyment. Another important part of the brief given to Kelsie was for the space to respond to the large scale of the house, with elements to both soften and complement the building.

With the two-storey house being rather generous in its proportions, the landscape needed to reflect the same grand scale to create a unification of the indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor living space was therefore designed to be an extension of the internal dining area, a “spill out” space for sophisticated, yet casual at-home entertaining.

The layout of the area was geared towards maximising space and making a bold yet elegant statement, which is best reflected in the custom-built timber screen that artistically shields the space from the neighbours overlooking the property, allowing for an intimate space for entertaining. The choice of timber also provides a nice warmth and contrast to the largely stone material selection in the area, with the curve design creating interest and a point of difference.

“We wanted to create a space that was open but feels partially enclosed with the elements of a timber curved screen and a trellis overhead,” says Kelsie. “The space is also framed either side with large feature pots and Star Jasmine, which will in time grow up to embellish the trellis above and provide dappled shade.”

Kelsie also designed a separate, more casual family outdoor area at the rear that follows the same floor level as the entertaining area but with a lighter tile to differentiate the spaces. Following on from the main living areas, the garden and lawn areas step down in level from the entertaining spaces and have been designed simply with bold elements to the key areas. A timber bench seat creates a destination point in the garden to draw people out into the landscape.

One of the many stand-out features of the design includes the exposed aggregate concrete and large format granite pavers used on the patio that provide an excellent contrast against the soft green hues provided by the gorgeous plantation. The striking, over-sized flanking pots that are situated on both sides of the timber screen that house the star jasmine plantings are also a stunning inclusion of the space. The plantings add some soft scape elements to the concrete and pavers. Plantings of Gleditsia “shademaster”, Lagerstroemia Indica, Dianella and Liriope and Trachelsospermum jasminoides were used to name but a few.

Tim Davies Landscaping also collaborated with Don Russell Homes in regards to the design for the barbecue and bar area. The slimline barbecue hotplate is built into the concrete so all wires and connections are hidden from view to create a seamless appearance. The height of the bar additionally allows people to comfortably stand or sit on stools around it, acting as a gathering point to chat, eat and drink while the food is being prepared and cooked.

Close collaboration between the members of the Tim Davies Landscaping design and construction teams ensured that the outcome of the project was an outstanding outdoor design that more than fulfils the clients’ initial brief.

Landscape design by Tim Davies Landscaping, 


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By Kate McKee
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