Royal Motor Yacht Club chooses EnduroShield to protect its glass


The EnduroShield Sydney Applicator recently had the luxury of protecting a glass pool fence located at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Sydney, Australia

Between the pool and the sea, it’s easy to see why the Royal Motor Yacht Club chose EnduroShield to protect their glass. EnduroShield is completely invisible and keeps the glass cleaner for longer between cleans. The yacht club’s patrons will now enjoy gorgeous views through their clear protected glass for years to come.

EnduroShield creates a protective barrier that stops contaminants from etching into the glass surface which is quite porous. Instead, water and contaminants bead up on the protective treatment just like in a non-stick fry pan, and are then easily wiped off with a damp microfibre cloth and a mild detergent
Glass pool fencing allows uninterrupted views, but is susceptible to chlorine, salt spray, pool chemicals, and general air pollutants. EnduroShield-protected pool fencing dramatically reduces the time needed to clean outdoor glass, and even saves on cleaning and maintenance expenses.

Suitable for new and existing surfaces, EnduroShield comes with a 10-year warranty. Glass is available pre-coated with EnduroShield for new builds, can be applied by a professional team of applicators for existing glass onsite, or for small areas such as shower screens you can use the company’s easy-to-apply DIY kits. EnduroShield is used in many sustainable homes as it reduces water usage and eliminates the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.

For peace of mind, get your feature glass protected with EnduroShield. If it’s good enough for Royal Motor Yacht Club, it’s good enough for your pool fence.

EnduroShield DIY kits are available in most good hardware stores including Bunnings, and other kitchen and bathroom retailers, and on-line at You can also make a booking with our professional team of applicators at And EnduroShield pre-coated glass is available from many leading pool fencing suppliers. 

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