Smart Phone Control: add a touch of luxury to your Zipscreen Outdoor Shades


With Zipscreen’s smart phone control, you can use your smart phone or our stylish remotes to control your Zipscreen Outdoor shades with ease

If you’re looking to achieve optimum shade control, you can’t look past Zipscreen™ motorised shades – where luxury meets convenience. Rollease Acmeda’s Automate™ motors paired with the Automate Pulse hub, allows you to control your Zipscreen shades simply using your smart phone.

The free Automate App, available to download now from iTunes or Google Play Store, makes it possible to move your Zipscreen shade to an exact position using the intuitive interface. Automate motors feature ARC™ (Automate Radio Communication) technology with bi-directional communication, which provides a real-time, animated display of your shade’s position on your smart phone.

To suit your lifestyle, use the Automate App on your smart phone to set and manage up to 20 custom scenes and timers to control your Zipscreen shade at your preferred times. Set a ‘Party’ scene to open the shades just before your guests arrive. A ‘Night Time’ scene and timer will automatically close the shades at the end of the day without having to lift a finger; controlling your shades has never been more convenient.

Add the patented Ultra-lock to your motorised Zipscreen to automatically lock and tension your fully closed shade with one simple touch of a button, resulting in a perfect glass-like finish to retain your beautiful outdoor view. Use the Automate App to set a timer or scene to completely close the shade and the Ultra-lock will lock and tension your Zipscreen shade at your specified time, creating a premium operating solution.

With Smart Home automation making its way into the spotlight as a convenient, lifestyle solution, controlling your Zipscreen shades completely handsfree is not far away. Using the recently released voice control devices Alexa and Google Home, plus the web-based IFTTT, our Automate motorised Zipscreen shades will soon be compatible to connect to these popular intelligent home assistants – for a completely effortless shade control solution.

We also offer a slimline, user-friendly remote control – available in single or 15-channel options. A magnetic wall mount neatly stores your remote control, perfectly integrating with your existing décor.

Rollease Acmeda offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty on Zipscreen hardware. A Zipscreen shade seamlessly integrates your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas providing the ultimate outdoor shade solution for your home.

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