Spring renovation is a great time to try a new style


Spring into your next renovation with these three looks

Spring has arrived, bringing an end to hibernating indoors to escape the cold and saying hello to warmer weather, the great outdoors, and entertaining friends and family in our backyards. This is also the time when we start turning our attention to outdoor renovation projects to make the time we spend in our backyards as functional, comfortable and relaxing as possible.

According to Beaumont Tiles Design Specialist, Rachel Gilding, the start of spring is a great time to not just think about, but also start backyard renovation projects to ensure you make the most of your efforts. “Many homeowners wait until summer before they get started, but by then, it’s too late to enjoy the renovated space and the season, and finding tradies can be a challenge,” says Rachel. “Doing a ‘spring clean’ renovation can take your backyard from drab to fab and allow you to put your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Whether you’re looking to have summer soirees or just enjoy relaxing by the pool after a long day, having a great outdoor space is a must.”

For many, figuring out the style for the renovation can be a challenge, but Rachel says the best way is to look at your indoor space and let it flow to the outdoor seamlessly. Once you land on a style, Rachel suggests using tools such as Beaumont Tiles’ “What’s my Style” and “BeVisual” to visualise the look before finalising your purchases. To help you re-imagine your backyard, Rachel shares her favourite signature styles for outdoor areas, and makes some fabulous suggestions for tile choices. With the spatial proportions of outdoor areas a big visual cue, the right tiles will help unify your overall design aesthetic — indoors and out.

Be warm and welcoming with classic style

Classic traditional is a liveable style with a familiar and elegant feeling that creates an ideal space for a summer barbecue. “Symmetry and leading lines are typical of a classic traditional style, with lighting being an essential design statement while remaining delicate,” says Rachel. “Using Legend Sandstone Microtec or Homestone Pearl Microtec can support this look by creating a beautiful transition between indoors and out when laid across both spaces.”

Microtec’s smooth slip-resistant quality makes this a versatile range, durable enough for summer storms but with a level of sophisticated softness that appeals to indoor living spaces. Classic traditional is also a great fit for refreshing your pool area. “Near pools use natural stone such as Travertine Almond Milk Tumbled or tiles such as Horizon Light Grey to get a timeless look,” adds Rachel.

Modern for a restrained outdoor look

Modern styling, which relies heavily on neutral colours and simplicity, creates an ideal haven from life’s busyness. Rachel recommends keeping your outdoor improvements minimalist for this style. “For tiles, opt for Cityscape in Grey or Beige, or even an Omni Stone Black, to form a beautiful base for a new outdoor dining table or a lounge to sit back on and survey that freshly grown lawn,” she shares. “The Modern narrative relies on restrained neutral tones, but using a careful splash of colour can be a great idea in moderation. For example, using the vibrant Australian Designer Emerald Mos Glass Gloss pool tile will create a luxurious aesthetic contrast for your backyard with its stunning ocean blue tones.”

Nothing says the great outdoors like wanderlust

Many Australians love the wanderlust style because of its nostalgic focus and connection to adventures and travels across the globe. Perfect for people who love travel or have connections to other countries, or want a unique appeal, it’s a style that offers more bespoke possibilities. “It’s a playful and unique style that uses colours to bring your favourite destinations to your backyard,” says Rachel. “Using the natural stone Warm Ash Tumbled Travertine can allude to visiting historic European places and palaces, while the tile emulation such as Pompeii Travertine

Crema Microtec oozes with the classical elegance of Latin cultures.” Rachel suggests blending these ranges with a Niebla Sky Blue Mosaic tile to give a strong sense of the Aegean. “It’s perfect for those warmer months as this style is all about sitting back and relaxing, so choose low-level outdoor furniture for a perfect match,” she says. “Whether you’re having friends over for a shindig or just having some you time, this style is set for peaceful outside bliss.”

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