Home composting

Home composting made easier


Making home composting easier is part of the solution

These days, most people understand the importance of recycling, re-using, minimising waste and being kinder to the planet. For many of us, making a choice about reducing our environmental footprint is important, but sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way of taking decisive action. Composting is one of those things that might be on our altruistic to-do list, but seems just out of reach. It’s yet another thing we need to research, purchase and figure out how to use. Besides that, some of us might have not-so-fond memories of old ice cream buckets on the kitchen sink, with foul-smelling contents for the garden. But what if composting were super easy, highly functional, discreet and saved money on fertiliser for your potted plants and garden as well? That would certainly be a drawcard, and a bonus.

Tumbleweed — a privately owned Australian company with a global presence — is encouraging consumers to reduce, re-use and recycle organic waste with its innovative products, helping you embrace composting at home with minimum fuss. Tumbleweed’s product range includes fixed and tumbling compost bins, a range of worm farms (built-in and above ground), and all the accessories you need. More discreet and easier to use than traditional composting, Tumbleweed’s products are designed for Australian households that want to make a difference, so you can recycle your organic waste on a daily basis, simply and easily.

Environmentally sustainable

Tumbleweed is an Australian family-owned business that designs and manufactures products in Australia from 100 per cent recycled plastic. All their worm farms and compost bins are designed for longevity to ensure the product can be passed on through generations. From the very beginning, they have been designing products to recycle single-use plastic to give waste materials that were destined for landfill a new, long-term second life. Tumbleweed strives to make a significant contribution to our earth’s environmental sustainability by making innovative products that encourage users of all ages to re-use and recycle organic waste. By purchasing a product from Tumbleweed, you can be assured you’re aligning yourself with a company that has a true passion for supporting environmental responsibility.

Award-winning design

Tumbleweed’s award-winning Australian-made compost bins are light and easy to use. When used with an ergonomically designed Tumbleweed Aerator or Compost Mate, mixing the compost will be absolutely effortless. Or, you can select a Compost Tumbler, which does all the work for you. Simply fill the tumble bin and turn the unit on its axle every two days to mix and aerate your compost as it decomposes, producing rich fertilizer for your garden.

Sizes to suit

Tumbleweed has designed a range of worm farms to suit different households, environments and needs. Each product recycles a different amount of organic waste, making their products accessible for smaller as well as larger households. The company’s new Tumbleweed Cube has made recycling organic waste even easier. Designed to blend with an interior aesthetic as well as the outdoors, the Tumbleweed Cube will fit seamlessly into your apartment, in your kitchen, on your balcony or in the courtyard, giving you more options. Once established, the Tumbleweed Cube will recycle 2-3kg of organic waste per week. With its removable, built-in Worm Tea Bucket, you can easily remove and deposit a rich worm tea that your plants and garden will love. The worm tea is suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Teaching the next generation

The user-friendly Tumbleweed worm farms and compost bins mean composting and recycling organic waste is something that can involve the whole family, teaching your children important lessons. All Tumbleweed products are supported with guides and information to help make composting fun and easy to execute. The feel-good vibes you get from home composting and worm farming are not just about diverting organic waste from landfill; you’ll also be creating a nutritious fertiliser that will bring life to your potted plants and garden, saving you money and time. If you’re ready to compost like a champion, find out more from Tumbleweed’s website. You can find tutorials there too.


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