Throwing Shade


Introducing the Shaderunner® Retractable Sail System, available in an array of fabric and colour options to suit any architectural style.

Ideally suited to outdoor entertaining areas, patios, swimming pools and courtyards, the Sail System is on display outside this charming home in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. The stylish alfresco space features an entertaining zone, lap pool and poolside lounge area. Fitted with three fully retractable Shaderunner® Shade Systems, the high-traffic areas now enjoy shade and UV protection on demand.

Shaderunner® Retractable Sails are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate. A controllable shade function allows for the manipulation of light to create optimal shading. In summer months, the system can be fully extended for maximum shade coverage, UV protection and thermal comfort. In cooler months, the system can be retracted to permit winter sun and boost solar gain.

Mould-resistant and made from marine-grade yacht fittings and Ronstan ball bearing pulleys, the system is in it for the long haul, requiring little maintenance and ensuring years of shading. Up for grabs in either manual or motorised versions, Shaderunner® systems can be added to an existing or purpose-built pergola, between walls or fascias or on support posts. “When designing an outdoor area, entertaining space or swimming pool, practical shading should be at the forefront of the design process,” the team from Shaderunner® explains. “A well-designed space should consider shading, particularly retractable shading. The combined effect of reducing the impact of the sun during the summer and making the most of available light and warmth in winter not only enables greater usage of outdoor spaces, but can also aid with passive solar design strategies.”

Whether you reside in a contemporary suburban home or a traditional country residence, the Shaderunner® Retractable Sail System can be used for a multitude of applications. It tackles small domestic settings with the same gusto it does large commercial projects such as water parks and hotels. Contact the Shaderunner® distributor in your state for more details. Available Australia-wide.

For more information visit Shaderunner.

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Throwing Shade

Introducing the Shaderunner® Retractable Sail System, available in an array of fabric and colour options to suit any…
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