Visual Appeal: unique external design

Visual Appeal: unique external design


A Perth-based landscape company finds its expertise quickly extends to the home’s external design

Owner-builder Daniel Scaffetta, from Viva Developments, and his wife Daniella wanted to downsize their home. They contacted qualified horticulturists Mondo Landscapes to provide them with a detailed planting plan for their new residence in a riverside suburb of Perth. As discussions progressed and the company’s rapport with the couple grew, Perth-based Mondo Landscapes had a greater involvement in the external design process, with the company reviewing the exterior product selection, garden beds, front entry wall and entrance steppers.

“Daniel’s vision and passion were amazing,” says Debbie Taylor, co-founder of Mondo Landscapes. “Visually he wanted a very modern and unique home. However, of equal importance was the fact that it needed to be functional for entertaining and a young family, allowing a seamless flow from inside to out.”

This is evident from the home’s modern elevation through to its architectural design by Daniel Lomma Design. The exterior front entry pond, with its glass front, continues through into the foyer and under the staircase. As the house appears to have floating elements through its modern elevation, Mondo Landscapes introduced floating steppers/landings for pedestrian access. These, along with the planters, are stone-clad, which helps to reinforce the architectural elements of the house.

Seating was incorporated into the front garden to create another usable area, enabling people to spill out from the games room. Bambusa multiplex ‘Gold Stripe’ offers privacy screening for this room and a soft green foil to the hardscape.

Large glass sliding doors lead the home’s living areas to the alfresco, where the hero of the rear garden is the raised pool with infinity edge. This eliminates the required pool fencing, creating an uninterrupted outlook from the alfresco. Product selection here was paramount and this was done with great care by Mondo Landscapes, who worked with the mirror infinity tiles that were selected by the interior designer. A raised deck platform was added, extending the area within the pool zone. Trex Spiced Rum artificial timber was used as a low-maintenance, easy-care decking solution for this space.

Much detail was incorporated into the kitchen/alfresco areas, which open into one amazing living space. “The garden sections were small, but they were of equal importance and much-needed to add the finishing touch to this amazing space,” says Beverley Harrison, co-founder of Mondo Landscapes. “Privacy and easy care were the catchcries for the rear garden. Green cooling plants became a beautiful foil to the architectural/hardscape elements, a visually appealing backdrop enjoyed from both inside and out.”

Lots of fun was had throughout the design process, with high energy and dialogue a part of every meeting. “Throughout the installation, Daniel would call or pop into the office, prompted by Daniella saying, ‘Ask the girls if an idea needs to be explored or an opinion sought,’” laughs Beverley.

Mondo Landscapes assisted not only with the planting plan, but with the selections of finishes and the development of certain aspects, adding clarity to Daniel’s vision for the amazing final product.

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Written by Danielle Townsend

Originally in Outdoor Rooms Issue 35