Head for cover: flexible shade ideas


To get the most from your outdoor spaces, you need a flexible shade solution — like the Shaderunner from Shadeform Sails.

If you want to get the maximum use out of your alfresco living area, you need an effective form of climate control – and to get the best solution for your specific requirements, you need specialist advice. Shadeform Sails specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of modern high-quality shade sails, blinds and retractable sails and awnings.

For the ultimate in versatility, Shadeform has perfected its hugely popular Shaderunner retractable shade system. Drawing on its owner’s background in sail making for the yachting industry, Shadeform created a sturdy and stylish system with an attractive nautical appearance. The Shaderunner utilises Ronstan ball-bearing sailing pulleys, is supported by stainless-steel wires for strength and longevity and its design ensures maximum flexibility.

With today’s high energy costs and the required six-star efficiency rating for all new homes, the Shaderunner is a cost-effective way to help achieve energy efficiency and provide thermal comfort to your outdoor setting. The Shaderunner provides retractable shade to reduce the need for summer cooling and still allow sunlight when required to maximise winter solar gains.

A simple but very effective retractable shade system perfect for the home outdoor entertaining area, the Shaderunner allows the user to control the degree of shade it provides. You have the choice to fully extend, partly extend or neatly fold away to allow the maximum amount of sunlight into your outdoor living space and internal rooms when desired.

There is a choice of either a 95 per cent polyester-mesh fabric or fully waterproof PVC fabric, both of which offer protection from glare and the sun’s harmful rays. The fabrics are also mould and mildew-resistant and fire retardant.

Available in a manual or motorised version, the Shaderunner can fit within or under existing pergola structures. If starting without support structures or if you need to span long distances, posts can be installed specifically to support the system.

With distributors in all states, Shadeform can arrange full installation of the Shaderunner or it can supply the system in package form if you would like to install it yourself. Shadeform can also arrange supply or installation for its other shade products, which include folding-arm awnings, shade sails, side- and centre-post umbrellas, and external blinds.


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Originally in Outdoor Design & Living magazine, Volume 29

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