7 stages to building a pool

7 stages to building a pool


Norfolk Pools are highly-skilled, experienced pool builders in Queensland. We chat with them about their 7 stages to building your dream pool

Through our many years in the industry, Norfolk Pools has streamlined our construction process. Our seven stage schedule allows us to complete projects in a timely manner and ensure quality control over every step of the way.

Stage One

The construction process begins with the lodgement of engineering drawings and approval of plans, followed by coordinating a site meeting to mark out the pool and arrange a suitable excavation time and date. Engineering, council approval and construction takes approximately 12 weeks, depending on the size of the project. Any additional landscaping extends the program.

Stage Two

The excavation stage is generally five to eight hours for a standard dig, and may involve an excavator, trucks, and bobcat. In most cases excavation will be completed within a day however, tight access, small machines and rock breaking will all impact the time taken to dig your pool and may extend it to 2-3 days.

Excavation is followed by formwork and placement of the steel reinforcing and plumbing. Formwork is erected to the outside perimeter of the shape, followed by placement of the steel reinforcing to form a steel mat throughout the pool. The skimmer box and primary plumbing are placed in position prior to concreting. This process can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week.

Stage Three

Pumping and spraying the concrete shell involves a concrete pump parked on the street with concrete trucks backed onto the pump, pumping the concrete through steel pipes to the pool area. The concrete is sprayed onto the walls and floor, and hand-shaped to form the pool shell, this process takes three to four hours and is interesting to watch. The curing period for this is one to two weeks minimum, which allows you to finalise your finishes.

Stage Four

Placement of your selected tiles and coping will take two to three days, subject to the materials and designs chosen. At this point, feature walls, retaining walls, extra paving and decking, and hard structures such as gazebos can be started, and time frames will vary depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

Stage Five

We’ll install plumbing and the filtration system. It is also a good time for your electrician and plumber to complete any power points or other necessary elements before we begin to finalise your pool. you will first need an electrician at steel stage for electrical earthing requirements.

Stage Six

Fencing is a critical event in finishing your pool. The pool cannot be filled with water until a fence inspector approves the fencing. Due to the nature of internal pool finishes it is essential to fill the pool as soon as possible after the final interior finish and acid wash is applied. Having your fence installer organised will help keep the process moving. At this stage, we’ll install the interior finishes to your pool shell, with the options being pebble, glass or fully tiled. A team sprays the material onto the shell, and this will take three to four hours.

Stage Seven

After filling the pool we will commission the filtration and install salt and chemicals to balance the water. Reaching the correct balance takes approximately a week, after which we will show you how to operate and maintain your pool. Then, it’s time for you to start swimming.

‘7 stages to building a pool’ was written with Norfolk Pools, a locally owned and operated company that’s been building award-winning pools for over four decades. Norfolk Pools specialises in unusual designs and challenging sites.

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