Say Hello to Unique-Designed Pools


Use design ingenuity to distinguish your pool from just another rectangle

Rectangular and geometric pools are both a classic and contemporary design, a shape that will stand the test of time unlike the kidney-shaped pools of the ‘80s, but it is easy to fall into the trap of doing the “same old, same old”. Here are a few tips to bring life to your pool landscape.


How you finish your pool will give life to its surrounds and to the pool itself. Look for unique materials to use around the pool. Using the same materials in an unexpected way can also focus your attention on elements of the design. Pay attention to the smaller details, coping sizes, rebated edges, continuation of colour palettes plus contrasting aspects to create depth in your project.


Think about what you want from your pool and its intended use. A pool is a large investment and how it integrates with your living space and your lifestyle is critical. In most cases, the correlation between proximity to the house and pool position will determine how much the pool is used. Tucking a pool in the back corner is less likely to entice the family to use it. There are of course exceptions to this. Overlooking water also adds tranquillity and appeal to your home. If you have a non-rectangular block, this is a great opportunity to enhance your design.


As most current pool designs are geometric, there is only so much that can be done with materials to create an edge or point of difference. This is where the importance of landscape design comes to the forefront. Use every aspect of your property to create interest.

Levels add structural layers to produce awareness and depth. They can also be used to minimise fencing, which can be obtrusive to the eye.

Reflections add dimension to design by mirroring the surroundings.

Creating vistas — use a design that will draw your eye across the pool to the distance to connect the view to your pool and make it a feature of your landscape.


Pool lighting isn’t the only lighting to factor into your design. Landscape lighting plays an integral role in creating atmosphere. Consider up-lights under feature trees or on feature walls and back-lighting outdoor sculptures.

With plantings, use colours and texture to create the look you desire whether it be soft tropical, edgy contemporary or formal English style. There needs to be a balance of soft
greenery to the hardscape. The right furniture pieces will help tie all your elements together for the finishing touch.


Utilise your builder, a pool designer or an architect to help you visualise your finished project. 3D modelling is one way to really make sure you are all on the same page.

Including all of the landscape elements in your planning stages will always give you the best outcome. This article was written with Norfolk Pools, an award-winning Queensland-based pool design, building and landscaping company that’s been building pools for more than four decades. Norfolk Pools specialises in unusual designs and challenging sites.

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