A vibrant pool interior finish that will stand the test of time

A vibrant pool interior finish that will stand the test of time


This sparkling and luxuriously smooth pool interior finish finish has been crafted specifically for durability by experienced pool builders

Dazzling to the eye and luxuriously smooth to touch, Blue Glass Pebble Company’s pool interiors have been created by former pool builders to provide the market with an affordable and highly durable interior option. “We built our product out of necessity because we found the pool interior finish we were using in pools were fading in colour,” says manager Michael Kettewell. “Some of them had poor oxides, others crushed painted additives, and some just too difficult for the homeowners to maintain.”

Blue Glass Pebble interiors are made specifically for smoothness, high shine, vibrant colour and durability. “We are really proud of our product and we’ve had great feedback over the years from builders and pool owners who are happy with the way our product looks, feels and lasts,” says Michael.

A combination of glass pebbles and New Zealand pebbles is fully premixed to ensure batch consistency and to maintain the company’s famous high quality-control standards. There are no risks taken with sending out raw material for application onsite.

Available in 11 stunningly beautiful and vibrant base colours, which can be mixed and matched to give you thousands of design options, this colourfast product is unrivalled in the pool industry and guaranteed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty that cannot be matched. The non-slip blue glass is coloured throughout so you’ll never have to worry about the sparkle dulling over time.

Blue Glass designers work with clients to choose the right colour for the look they’re trying to achieve. While it is important to like the look of a sample, the most crucial aspect of any pool design is the colour of the water, because that is how you will appreciate your pool — by the overall aesthetic of the water in your backyard.

Blue Glass Pebble Company aims to create colours that stand out from the sea of plain and boring pool interiors. The glittering finishes will give your pool interior the consideration it needs to shine all year round. Don’t settle for inferior products — treat your pool with the most luxurious finish on the market.

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