Enjoy a luxurious pool experience, right at home

Ever wanted your pool water to be smooth and soft on the skin and have a luxurious pool experience, but struggle with maintaining your chlorine levels?

That’s where Davey’s Chloromatic Nipper steps in – a great addition to your pool management to give pool owners that luxurious pool experience, soft water feeling that is easily manageable.

Sharon Tucker, Davey Water Products Category Manager for Pool & Spa, says more pool owners are choosing low-salt variant pools.

“Pool owners can have the same feeling you might get from a low-salt pool, no matter what type of salt your pool uses, as it allows you to easily balance your chlorine levels at the standard you want. It uses Davey intelligent controls to capture your salt-level data and has different modes for either chlorine boost, chlorine reduction, cover or spa use, depending on your pool water needs,” Sharon says.

“We know all households are managing rising energy costs, and a pool can sometimes be a big contributor to this. Pool owners want a chlorinator offering different modes all year round, without being a big energy output. That is what we’ve provided with the Nipper.”

“For pool owners interested in learning more about Davey’s range of pool and spa products, our extensive dealer network services both metro and regional locations right across the country.”

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