Go with the Flow: FlowVis® for unparalleled accuracy

Waterco’s most sophisticated precision flow meter for swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features now has a specialised model ideal for pool heaters.

“Since the introduction of the FlowVis 50/65mm, we have found a need for the 40mm model, particularly from pool heater equipment suppliers and installers, and as with the FlowVis 50/65mm, it is perfect to install in conjunction with variable/multi speed pumps,” says George Flory, Waterco’s Domestic Water Care Product Manager.

“It’s vital to have optimal water flow rates through all pool heating systems, to maximise efficiency and heater performance. The FlowVis 40mm option enables accurate pump operating speed adjustments to ensure optimal water flow to the pool’s heating equipment. The result is a balance between heating performance and energy savings.”

Solar benefits

Another major benefit of variable speed pumps is that they can help optimise solar pool heating performance. As these pumps use variable frequency drives and brushless motors, they significantly reduce pool circulation and filtration costs.

“The variable operation of the pump speed means the amount of water being pumped through the solar pool heating system can be controlled, which further optimises performance,” Flory says.

Typical solar pool heating systems require a certain amount of water flow to achieve optimum performance. Any additional flow results in marginal pool heating performance gains at substantial and unjustified costs to pump extra water.

“By installing a variable speed pump with the FloVis meter, we can ‘dial in’ an optimum pump speed, thus balancing the need for solar heating performance with pumping costs,” explains Flory.

“While many pool owners assume lower flow rates are better because it allows the water to spend more time in the solar panels, thus further warming it, the fact is that solar panels perform more effectively – i.e. transferring more heat to the water – when operating at a lower temperature.

“Allowing water to stagnate in a solar panel just heats up the panel, therefore reducing efficiency. The heated water returning to the pool should be just a little bit warmer than the pool water.”

Accuracy, versatility

More than a simple flow meter, FlowVis is also a fully functioning check valve which can be installed horizontally, vertically, or even upside down. Accuracy, reliability, and longevity are key among a list of unique product features that include:

• Factory-calibrated for extreme accuracy across its full operating range
• Combined functionality of flow meter and check valve
• Clear, easy to read scale in LPM
• Easy installation and requires no calibration
• Unique design results in maintained accuracy even with entrained air caused by suction leaks
• Allows precise and repeatable valve positioning for perfect water feature operation
• Manufactured in the USA
• 5-year breakage warranty

“FlowVis is built to last. It’s robust, yet unobtrusive design means that unlike competing flow meters, FlowVis won’t get kicked, tripped over, or broken. In fact, we’re so confident in its durability that the product has a 5-year warranty on breakage!” says Flory.

While the FlowVis® 40mm Flow Valve is yet to be granted NSF approval, manufacturer’s tests indicate that this model would successfully pass. The FlowVis 50/65mm is NSF certified to 50 psi (345kPa) – the first flow meter to be tested and certified to NSF50 – with the process confirming average accuracy within just 2.01 per cent between 76 and 416 LPM across all certified models. “We’re equally confident about the 40mm Flow Valve,” adds Flory.

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