Family fun: a clever, functional Melbourne pool

Family fun: a clever, functional Melbourne pool

Family fun in and around the pool is high on the agenda for this young and active Melbourne family, with a whole range of imaginative features incorporated into the 9 metre design.

Family fun in and around the pool is a high priority for this young and active Melbourne family, with a range of fun features added to the 9 metre design

Any young family knows the endless fun and enjoyment that can be derived from a swimming pool, but with the constant demands of work, school and extra- curricular commitments, pool maintenance and upkeep can suffer. A case in point is this family in Melbourne’s Park Orchards, working parents with children aged from five to 13 who wanted a pool and spa to add to their property.

“Their brief was for functionality — they wanted their new pool and spa to be as useable as possible, with the least amount of maintenance,” explains John Negri, co-owner of Minke Avant-Garde, who designed the family’s geometric rectangular pool in consultation with homeowners Daniel and Nicola.

The couple incorporated a host of imaginative features into the 9m-long design, including a 2m x 2.05m spa, a 2m step down to the paving, a negative-edge feature wall and, for the younger children, a toddler play area which can be used as a swimout.

For easy cleaning, John and his team added elements such as a Paramount PV3 cleaning system and Astral cartridge filtration to the pool and spa. At the heart of the project are clean lines and functional beauty, which, for Minke Avant-Garde, are two fundamental principles of good design.

Minke Avant-Garde, started in 2008 by John Negri, designs, builds and renovates concrete pools across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. The company builds approximately 30 pools a year, with a focus on quality, not quantity, and specialises in creating concrete pools within demanding environments.

A design consultation with the client is essential in order for Minke Avant-Garde to imagine the client’s dream pool. As well as repeat domestic clients, most work is referral based, with Minke Avant-Garde having established long-term relationships with some of Melbourne’s leading architects, landscape designers and builders.

The company is a member of SPASA, the Master Builders Association of Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority.

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