Pool with a view: a luxurious pool renovation


A luxurious pool renovation sits comfortably within its surroundings while adding an undeniable sense of style to the space

A recently renovated residence was the point of inspiration for these clients when it came to their new pool. They envisaged a striking, modern, one-of-a-kind pool that could be admired from the house above and the harbour below — a space that maximised and reflected the location, with the gorgeous Sydney Harbour as their backdrop.

The existing pool was dated, extensively damaged and had very little space for relaxation or entertaining; it was a simple concrete rectangle with a 1m-wide walkway to its perimeter, isolated by a pool fence. The basic pool didn’t have any real design features or any link to the residence above.

The renovated pool was designed to reflect the stunning location and the clients’ brief. The pool was to be completely modernised to incorporate a wet edge/infinity edge, balance tank, full automation including Viron Connect 10 smart phone capabilities, colour-changing lighting, new steps and swim-out ledge and entertaining areas. This pool renovation required extensive engineering due to the demolition and remedial works needed. Internally, the pool’s concrete shell was in an unusable condition, so extensive remedial works were carried out to repair the damage before any changes could be made.

The design cleverly includes an infinity edge to seamlessly blend with the harbour beyond. The finish of the pool complements the existing architecture of the home, and the location beside Sydney Harbour creates a truly tranquil space. The transformation of this pool from a tired concrete rectangle into an architectural masterpiece is a credit to Urban Escape Landscaping and Pools. Urban Escape Landscaping and Pools was recognised for the quality workmanship in this luxurious pool renovation by winning the gold award for residential renovation — over $25,000 at the 2017 SPASA Australia awards as well as the 2017 SPASA NSW/ACT awards.

Urban Escape Landscaping and Pools was founded on a clear but simple premise to create quality and stylish gardenscapes to suit clients’ needs. The company has been an integral part of Sydney’s landscaping and pool industry for more than 20 years. It offers an holistic approach, from consultation and design to council submissions, maintenance, landscaping construction as well as pool/spa construction, resulting in a seamless and stress-free process for clients.

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