L Shaped Pool

L Shaped Wrap Around Pool Enjoyed All Year Round


A Brighton home with a modern L shaped pool and spa duo that really pushes the boundaries.L Shaped contemporary pool design

Far more than just a simple pool and spa, this modern project provides a stunning visual element for a Brighton home. The L shaped pool and spa duo is essentially part of the home and offers a connection to it all year round from the living and entertaining zones.

“A pool should be cohesive with the home so when you’re not using it, it still provides an atmosphere of relaxation,” says Adam Moore, owner of Swimmore Pools. “It should be functional to the needs of its owners and also provide a value add to the property.”

Spas and pools

The homeowners, a family with primary school-aged children, requested that their pool and spa make best use of their available space. “They wanted to achieve the maximum waterline between the house and boundary for the pool suitable for a family, and a design to include a spa in their entertaining zone for year-round use,” says Adam. “They also envisaged a visual to their double-sided fireplace from inside the spa to create a relaxing ambience.”

Created on a flat 530sqm block, this was a complex build, with limited access for excavation as the 7.8m-long pool was excavated and constructed after the extension. The builder had made provisions to the house slab that allowed this to happen. “We also had to consider protection works for the neighbouring property and ensure they were comfortable with the solution we were providing,” says Adam. “They were wonderful throughout this process.”

L Shaped Pool design

The pool features a Paramount Ultra Clear system that kills 99.9 per cent of micro-organisms for a clean, family-friendly and eco-friendly pool using up to 80 per cent less harmful chemicals. In addition, a Viron Connect 10 system allows the user to automate and control their entire swimming pool environment from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Regardless of the time of year, this L shaped pool and spa are enjoyed year-round — from the water or from inside the house.

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