Trend alert: Unique outdoor lighting

Trend alert: Unique outdoor lighting



Sculpture gallery or backyard? Your outdoor space will be the envy of friends and family with one of these gallery-worthy outdoor lights.



1. Taking inspiration from the Middle East and in particular traditional Moroccan punched metal lamps, Mora from Vondom is simplicity at its best. Javier Mariscal’s design features irregular hand-drawn patterns on each face to ensure each lamp remains individual. Available in two sizes, Mora comes with a handle for easy movement and suspension, with the option of a coloured or “white” LED.




2. Six distinctive “antennae” and a sense of weightlessness ensure heads will turn when viewing FloorA. Designed by Chiaramonte & Marin for Vondom, each of FloorA’s arms measure three metres in length and can be slanted as desired. Housing an LED light in each, FloorA’s injection-moulded “antennae” are paving the way for unique outdoor lighting designs.




3. Available in timber or an aluminium structure, ISU’s Salsola will be the feature of any outdoor area. Available in three sizes, Salsola finishes include aluminium, white or brown. Able to be suspended or placed on the ground, ISU’s Salsola will ensure every space is illuminated with sophistication.




4. Bringing life back into a tired outdoor area, Foscarini’s Uto suspension lamp has a futuristic element about it. Made from silicone rubber, the Uto is able to be hung from unconventional places. Available in yellow, white or orange, Uto’s softly emitted light will cast a pleasant hue over any setting.




5. Inspired by their real-life counterparts, Chemistubes from Vondom are both decorative elements as well as lighting features. Made from glass and polyethylene, Chemistubes originated from the mind of designer Teresa Sapey. Available lacquered and in varied colours, Chemistubes are perfect for all outdoor areas.

From Renovate magazine Vol. 8 No. 4