Pool Fencing Solutions: Glass


Pool fencing solutions are not something that should be considered lightly. Pool fences serve a valuable purpose of keeping an area safe and secure. Although safety is the number one priority, there are also a range of other factors you can consider when it comes to pool fencing solutions. The fencing should sufficiently secure the area and also complement the pool and style of your home.

Increasingly more people are turning to glass whether it be a frameless or semi frameless glass fence for their pools. Glass not only meets safety standards but is an aesthetically pleasing choice that extends the open plan feel –ideal for compact outdoor areas.

Glass pool fencing prices
The price of glass pool fencing will vary. Generally a frameless or semi frameless glass fence will cost more than other materials. Although there are a range of more affordable options, quality glass fencing has an undeniable timeless look. If you are forking out a small fortune on a pool, you want to be able to see it! Glass also has a number of other benefits that make it a favourable fencing solution.

The benefits
A frameless or semi frameless glass fence has the benefit of being unobtrusive. The transparent nature of glass fencing is ideal for parents to keep a watchful eye over kids at play in the pool.

Although glass has a reputation as a fragile material, figures suggest problems with glass fencing are small. Toughened glass is also a beneficial choice to help withstand wear and tear.

Glass, in a normal environment, requires little maintenance. Rain will more often than not, wash off any marks and dirt. For the rest of the time, a quarterly wash with a sponge and some detergent followed by a wipe over with a squeegee will suffice. If the glass is exposed to salt air or near a salt pool, more regular maintenance may be required. Areas with harder water, such as regional areas around the east coast may also require greater protection. Thankfully there are plenty of products available that help protect glass and will make the task much easier.

Remember safety comes first when choosing pool fencing solutions. Each state has difference rules regarding pool fencing so it’s best to first check the regulations before making a final decision.