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The only Wi-Fi controller that seamlessly integrates your swimming pool lighting with your lifestyle is proudly Australian made.


Spa Electrics is excited to introduce the latest technology in outdoor lighting Wi-Fi controllers, the LiT YARD. This advanced system allows you to have full control of your pool lights from the touch of a button. The LiT YARD smart phone app provides the opportunity to completely personalise your outdoor space with a kaleidoscope of colours at your fingertips. There is no mood that can’t be achieved through this system.

Consisting of the LiT YARD app, LiT HUB Wi-Fi bridge and LiT YARD4 transformer, the LiT YARD system gives you complete control of your pool lights via your internet connection. The system is also compatible with smart voice products such as Alexa and Google Home, enhancing your home’s automation capabilities.

The LiT YARD controller system offers a number of advanced features, including schedules, dynamic lighting control, and the ability to control multiple homes with multiple users. The schedules feature allows you to set up multiple schedules to automatically turn your lights on and off with different colours and shows to suit your mood. The app can use your local time zone to turn the lights on or off at dusk and dawn or at your nominated time.

Zones allow you to control specific areas within your outdoor space individually or together, and you will have the ability to select different colours for your pool, spa or water feature, all from the palm of your hand.

The LiT YARD controller will transform the way you use your outdoor space. It’s time to take illumination to the next level with the Spa Electrics LiT YARD outdoor lighting system.

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