Designer Beadcrete: the innovative pool finish interior
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Not only is this interior pool finish durable, it also gives a spectacular diamond-like clarity to your pool. Best of all, the colour options available give you the freedom to transform any pool to meet your design vision

Designer Beadcrete: the innovative pool finish interior

Imagine your swimming pool shimmering with the sparkle of a thousand flawless diamonds, creating the perfect water colour for your pool and complementing the surrounding area. For a pool that achieves the ultimate in aesthetics and usability, it’s hard to go past the enduring pool interior product that is Designer Beadcrete.

Designer Beadcrete: the innovative pool finish interior

With its patented glass bead technology, Designer Beadcrete adds a diamond-like shimmer and unmatched clarity to pool water. Designer Beadcrete contains a mixture of coloured glass spheres and clear glass beads. The beads are embedded in a unique cement mix that contains a number of patented additives. The result is a pool interior of absolute durability, which reflects sun and artificial light throughout the water, bringing a spectacular and elegant look to any concrete pool. Whether a pool is new or could use a much-needed facelift, Designer Beadcrete is the perfect pool finish for any design.

Designer Beadcrete: the innovative pool finish interior

Designer Beadcrete is available in two vibrant colour ranges; the Crystal range, made up on 100% glass-bead aggregate and the Islands range, a cost-effective mix of glass and quartz aggregate. Both ranges offer superior comfort, durability and dazzling colours, with the Crystal range adding that extra special sparkle to your water. The product is easily installed by an experienced pool builder or applicator, and is suited to any concrete pool or spa, regardless of shape or size.

If you’re looking for a particular colour to suit your pool design, Designer Beadcrete is fully customisable and can be tailored to fit the look of your pool and surrounds.

The benefits of Designer Beadcrete are endless, and include:

Designerite, the exclusive Australian supplier of Designer Beadcrete, also provides a wide range of pool-interior supplies and caters for builders and applicators who prefer to mix their own materials on-site.

Designer Beadcrete: the innovative pool finish interior

There’s no doubt that Designer Beadcrete will help you achieve the pool of your dreams that stands the test of time.

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