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Random Pavers stand out from the crowd


Ensure your pool project stands out from the crowd with bluestone random pavers and copers

The product featured around this pool is Blue Ocean in random pavers (or crazy paver, as it’s also known) forms. Blue Ocean is SAI Stone’s branded bluestone, a type of basalt, and its durability, timeless look and colour have made it the go-to outdoor stone product for Melbourne.

Instead of regular square- or rectangular-shaped pavers and pool copers, random pavers and copers around a curved pool create a unique look that’s different to any other project. This pool has curved edges, and SAI Stone supplied random-sized pool copers to complete the look.

“It’s a different product that’s innovative in its manufacturing process,” explains SAI Stone. “We did the hard work to make the job simple.”

SAI Stone pavers and sandstone coping stone is a leading option for swimming pool and spa surrounds because of its anti-slip properties, perfect colour contrast for water and landscaping, and with a salt-tolerant solution.

SAI Stone was established in 2005 and specialises in outdoor natural stone. It supplies stone to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. End-users engage with SAI Stone’s recommended pool builders and landscapers to have their stonework carried out.

The company won a SPASA gold award for six consecutive years as a natural stone supplier for Best In-Situ Paving or Stone Product. It is also a member of ASAA (the Australian Stone Advisory Association).

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