Pools & SpasMagnaPool mineral science therapy

Mineral Science Therapy is the absorption of Magnesium Chloride through the skin. This transdermal method can have a powerful affect in assisting the body to build and store optimal levels of Magnesium, and in turn promote a healthy wellbeing.

Pools & SpasA closer look at mineral bathing

Several scientific studies of swimming pool water have recorded the beneficial effects certain mineral compositions have on the human body. One composition in particular, magnesium chloride, has been proven to provide a number of substantial health and wellbeing benefits to the bather.
Create your own mineral bathing oasis in your backyard

Pools & SpasCreate your own mineral bathing oasis in your backyard

Australians building or renovating a swimming pool don’t often invest enough time considering the most important element of their pool…The water! Whilst consumers are spoilt with pool sanitisation choices there is an emerging trend towards mineral based sanitisation.