Indoor lap pool

An indoor lap pool that helps build fitness levels while promoting health and wellbeing

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An exercise physiologist and triathlon coach owns this pool, which was designed specifically to his brief: to cater for athlete training and the rehabilitation of people who have undergone operations or are recovering from injury. Therefore, easy access in and out of the pool was essential.
As it was being constructed in conjunction with the home, the pool had to tie in with the rest of the house, which meant communication between pool builder Rothwell Pools and the home builder was extremely important.

The result is an impressive indoor pool 17m long x 2m wide, with additional facilities such as changing rooms, a shower, bathroom and gym attached.

Chris Rothwell, owner of Rothwell Pools, supervised each stage. “We received basic plans from the house builder, which we went through with our structural engineer, and designed the pool to maximise the available space, taking into consideration that the pool was built on the side of a mountain and was 9m out of ground,” said Chris.

The pool was constructed with a waveless setup with marine-grade stainless-steel grates. It is heated with an electric heat pump and also has a Magnapool filtration system. “Because we are one of the first licensed Magnapool builders in Brisbane, and taking into consideration the client’s brief and type of work, it was only right to install this system into the pool,” said Chris.

The pool also has an in-floor return system, consisting of eight returns that are spaced evenly over the 17m length, distributing clean, filtered water back to the pool.

This pool ticks all the boxes when it comes to being “green” and environmentally friendly. Two tanks are housed on the same level as the pool, and the pool is topped up from these tanks. There is also a 10,000-litre ballast tank for the waveless setup.

The pool is indoors and has a cover so there is very little evaporation, and the Magnapool system means backwashing water is not wasted as it can be used to water plants and grass on the property. In fact, the magnesium and potassium blend actually benefits and encourages plant growth. The Magnapool water also benefits those with skin conditions and assists in the recovery period during rehabilitation, as well as eliminating the need to shower off after using the pool.

“We chose to feature this pool not only due to its size and location, but also to show potential clients that you can contribute to the environment by simply choosing the right setup,” said Chris.

The pool’s surrounds are finished with tumbled travertine and a light-blue waterline tile and black-tiled swim lane was also created, while the interior is 1-2mm polished pebble.

“We feel this pool is a good representation of the standard of workmanship that we pride ourselves on,” said Chris. “From the initial enquiry through to completion of the pool, we maintain constant communication with our clients so they are informed every step of the way. We take time to listen to their needs and ideas, and design each pool to suit their individual requirements.

“We are also more than happy for potential or new clients to contact our past clients and even inspect past work to reassure them that they have made the right decision in choosing Rothwell Pools.

“The principles of good design are to take on board what the client requests in their initial brief and take into consideration the space we have to work in, what the pool will be used for, and how to tie it in with existing structures or landscaping. We also have access to the latest materials and equipment available, and always advise and assist our clients when it comes to choosing the finishing products. Combine this with the professional advice of our structural engineers and certifiers, and the passion and enthusiasm of the Rothwell Pools team, and this carries each and every project over the line with flying colours,” Chris said.

Rothwell Pools was started by Chris and Liane Rothwell. They work on approximately 60 pools per year, building and renovating in the Brisbane area. The company’s specialty is concrete pool construction and installing the Magnapool system. Rothwell Pools is also a member of the Queensland Master Builders Association and SPASA.

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