Save Water & Energy with a Clever Pool Cover


Pool covers are great for saving water and energy and, with the right product, they can also be hidden away out of sight and out of mind.

The Block 2020 required pool covers that were stylish, aesthetically pleasing, state of the art, high quality, immensely strong and easy to use. Sunbather came to the rescue, supplying Downunder pool rollers and Thermal pool covers to The Block contestants.

Sunbather’s Downunder rollers are out of sight and out of mind. The roller mechanism as well as the cover is hidden in a cavity and covered by a lid. The lid closes flush with the deck when the cover is retracted and also when it’s fully extended over the pool. It’s super easy to use, with one person being able to operate it from a stand-up position.

For superior heat retention, The Block contestants opted for Sunbather’s Thermal pool covers. Thermal covers are longer lasting than other covers and require less maintenance. They’re made from a high-quality, multi-layered foam material that keeps the pool warmer and cleaner. An unheated pool can lose twice its entire volume of water each year. A Thermal cover saves 90 per cent of this water.

Pool covers save water, energy and money and, over a period of time, they pay for themselves. They’re also now mandatory for new pools that are heated with a gas heater or heat pump.
As well as pool covers, Sunbather also specialises in solar pool heating, heat pumps, gas heating, commercial covers and rollers and commercial pool heating. The company is committed to Australian manufacturing.

A pioneer in the solar pool heating industry, Sunbather was founded in 1974 and has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of pool heating and pool covers for pools of all sizes. The company is consistently acknowledged by the industry for quality and ingenuity through awards of recognition.

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